Angie and Melissa were first friends, then roommates in college, then sister in laws…… and now founders together of Moxies. They both share an interest in health, being active and of course, excellent frozen yogurt. Even back in college, Angie studied animal science (cows!) and Melissa studied medicine (think cultures!) and health……. a perfectly fitting combination for the healthy frozen dairy dessert you find at Moxies. Wanting to offer their customers the freshest and most unique yogurt experience, they have brought in only the best and some of the more interesting toppings for you to enjoy. So, in their spare time, when they are not climbing mountains, training for triathlons or spending time with their husbands (and dogs!), Angie and Melissa are in search of even more fresh, delectable toppings to share with you! We invite you to create your own frozen yogurt dessert that satisfies both your taste buds and your creative spirit!